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The Cool Just Keeps on Comin’

Remember this guy? Turns out he’s got competition from this guy. Tip from American Digest. Update:  And here’s a Texan who spent 10 years getting the US Constitution amended; that’s cool the hard way. Update:  Let’s not forget this old fart who broke the sound barrier gimmicking the controls of his Bell X-1 with a piece of broomstick. Continue reading The Cool Just Keeps on Comin’

COVIDocy Revealed

So as we dig deeper, it appears that everything we were told about prevention and treatment for COVID-19 was just so much self-aggrandizing bullshit. Amazing, the things you find out reading Substack, where folks aren’t censored or cancelled. Continue reading COVIDocy Revealed

Cyberfacism Bulletin, See you in September Edition

Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state –Benito Mussolini Whether the State seizes Industry, or Industry seizes the State, the result is the same: fascism. –The Random Texan Big Gov Big Money Big Media Big Media meets Big Brother Big Ed Big Energy The Counter-Revolution Continue reading Cyberfacism Bulletin, See you in September Edition

An Etiology of Cursing

Karen Swallow Prior has some interesting thoughts in The Real Problem with 4-Letter Words. She has one interesting warning Research has also shown that swearing can actually lessen physical pain, which is why it can be so easily triggered involuntarily by sudden pain or fear. Yet overusing taboo words diminishes that effect. In other words, the more we swear, the less “effective” it is. Well, F! me. Tip from the ever resourceful K J Lopez at National Review. Continue reading An Etiology of Cursing

Science Continues to be Unsettled

Local geology doesn’t yield such a sight, so Frank went back a few weeks later and crawled inside. It was a single shaft, about 15 feet long; at its end, while on his back, he found what looked like claw marks all over the ceiling. Unable to identify any natural geological explanation for the cave’s existence, he eventually concluded that it was a “paleoburrow,” dug, he believes, by an extinct species of giant ground sloth. Continue reading Science Continues to be Unsettled

Take a look at Atkinson Hyperlegible

Enter the Braille Institute’s contribution, the Atkinson Hyperlegible computer font, especially designed for those of us with blurry vision. Follow the link to download your free copy, ready to install on a Mac or Windows PC. I gave it a spin yesterday with Microsoft Word, and it works like a charm, much more readable than Word’s default Arial or Calabri fonts. Continue reading Take a look at Atkinson Hyperlegible