Talk about missing the point!

The Black Artists Association has their knickers in a twist because Michelle Obama (delightfully dubbed FLOTUS) didn’t commission any gowns from THEM.  I’m sorry, but they sound like a bunch of whiney white hipsters.  Any honest fashion designer would have started their interview with "THANK GOD I didn’t get mixed up with a collection that included that hideous ball gown made from an old chenille beadspread!"


Despite that horrid gown, the Endless Inauguration did have the
positive effect of disabusing me of my last unfortunate stereotype of
Black Folks: neither Barack-0 nor Michelle can dance.  There ain’t no
inborn natural rhythm.  I suppose next Christmas, our new President
will demonstrate  there’s no Santa Claus, either.  Live and learn.

(27 January)  The latest research suggests we ALL are born with natural rhythm.  I guess the Obamas must have outgrown theirs.


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