Oops! Wrong number!

Following up on Secretary Clinton’s sensitive remarks at the Basilica of the Virgin of Guadelupe, we have this

In a press release, the White House accidentally listed a sex line
number for journalists seeking an "on-the-record briefing call with
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and National Security Advisor Jim
Jones to discuss the NATO summit." But after dialing, a soft-voiced female recording that was clearly not Clinton asked for a credit card number if you
"feel like getting nasty."

which was of course soft-pedaled by the White House Deputy Alibi Artist

Asked for comment about this mishap, Deputy White House Press Secretary Bill Burton responded: "A corrected phone number on a press release is probably one of the stupider things FOX News has covered lately."

Stupider on the part of the White House, yes. This is yet another symptom of hurried and careless staff work.  This sh!t is going to bite ’em hard someday.


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