Wind, yes. Power, maybe.

Over at the National Ledger, Ben Domenech blows the whistle on Obama Power

Speaking at the first of a series of environmental town halls — fast
becoming this Administration’s chosen method for feigning interest in
the opinions of the citizenry (a relatively inexpensive method suitable
for Bailout USA, requiring only a lukewarm carafe of burnt coffee, a
stack of powdered donuts, creaky metal-backed chairs just uncomfortable
enough to end the questioning after 90 minutes or less, and a Mr.

as well as Wind Power

This gives new meaning to politicians being full of hot air. The truth, as demonstrated by the most recent DOI Survey of OCS Resources, is that wind power is a resource worth pursuing, and pursuing seriously, as part of a comprehensive energy strategy. But offshore wind power in particular
comes with a heavy package of uncertainty and risk, with serious
technological challenges to capturing energy in an efficient and
consistent manner. Wind is a supplementary resource, not a basis for
fundamental change — and declaring that it could replace 3,000 coal
plants is simply inaccurate without massive leaps forward in
technology. Pinning your hopes to wind in the short term is just not a practical solution.

He doesn’t take the big step to write the words nuclear energy, though.  Wimp.

Tip from the Instapundit.

Update (9 April).  Gary Jones justifiably kicks Ben Domenech in the slats. and refers to a recent Nick Taleb piece.  Armed Liberal kicks Nick Taleb in the slats.  And the beat goes on.

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