Victor Hugo had it right

There are jewels and heroes among les miserables.  Go look.

Tip from the Belmont Club, who got it from Fausta.  There are various versions out on YouTube; they’ve accumulated over 20 million views.

Update (16 April). Colete Douglas Home takes modern tastes and manners to the woodshed:

…only the pretty are expected to achieve. Not only
do you have to be physically appealing to deserve fame; it seems you
now have to be good-looking to merit everyday common respect. If, like
Susan (and like millions more), you are plump, middle-aged and too poor
or too unworldly to follow fashion or have a good hairdresser, you are
a non-person.

What she said.

Update (17 April) Bob Krumm thinks Susan Boyle is the wave of the future, out in front of the star- and king-makers.  Plus, he has another of her recordings, from back in 1999.

Update (18 April) "...a prat with a tin ear " thinks Ms Boyle is no great shakes.  Commenters give him what for.

Tip from American Digest.


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