Better Safe Than Sorry

No handshakes at graduation?  The University of Illinois at Chicago isn’t alone; here’s the latest at UTSA:

For the May 2009 commencement ceremonies, in consideration of the current health
issues, the University has decided to have all commencement participants refrain
from shaking hands during the ceremony.  In addition, the master’s students and
the doctoral students will wear their hoods as part of their academic regalia as
they enter the Convocation Center and not be hooded during the ceremony.  We
will not have faculty hooding or greeting graduates at the ceremony.  The major
professors for the doctoral students and the M.F.A. terminal degree students
will be in the stage party and will stand when their students cross the stage. 
The deans will remain seated and not come to the front of the stage to
congratulate graduates. 

Of course, "current health issues" is a pretty big tent.  Many of the faculty here are attending former President William J Clinton’s talk this Friday at Trinty University, and that’s one guy who could give you something icky and communicable.

Update (8 May).  My charming wife asked me this morning what would be appropriate dress for President Clinton’s talk.  My response:  "I’m going to a talk given by a disbarred lawyer from Arkansas, who has the oily suavity of a used-car salesman, the credibility of Pinocchio, and the morals of an alley cat.  Unfortunately, I do not have a distressed pair of bib overalls in my wardrobe, so I will wear business casual."  That was the first of my three allowed daily rants (I just burned the second, see above), so I’d better behave myself the rest of the day.


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