My Excellent Garbage Adventure, Parts 2 and 3

Part 2:  More of the Same, in a Different Color

The Solid Waste Disposal clean-up man made it out to our house last Tuesday, and emptied the Brown Can.

Encouraged, we dutifully deployed the Blue Can on Thursday, as specified on the city website.  Attuned to a different rhythm, the neighbors put out their Brown Cans.  Thursday afternoon, our can was NOT EMPTY.  My wife, as before, called 311 to politely ask WTF?  After some Keystone Koppery at their end, they allowed as how the clean-up man would make another call.  Sometime on Friday, he did so.

Part 3:  When You Can’t Trust Authority, Fall Back to Observation

Very early this (Monday) morning, I put out the Brown Can before taking a morning stroll with the wife.  We discussed the Curious Affair of the Trash Cans, and I suggested that since logic and rules didn’t seem to be working, that we might fall back on Experiment.  "Let us,"  I proposed, "put BOTH cans out on the curb, and see which one is taken as a suitable offering to the Gods of Garbage."  "You’re weird," answered my wife, "that almost makes sense.  Let’s do it."  So I did, and the Blue Can stood along side the Brown to keep it company.

The Experiment Succeeds!  At 11:42 this morning, the bright yellow RoboTruck came for the Blue Cans, leaving my Brown Can untouched.  "Silly bastards have their website backwards," grumbled the wife.

I’m betting the truck comes back for Brownie on Thursday.


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