I like swirlys

Jimbo has been having some heartburn about compact fluorescent lights (we call ’em swirlys).  Cheapskate that I am, I started phasing them in a couple years ago as replacements to keep the light bill down.  It didn’t take too long to discover that CFLs put out a lot less heat than the old incandescent bulbs, so desk lamps and the piano lamp got replacement CFLs double quick.  I do agree with several of the commenters at PRS that mandating swirly bulbs is a dumb idea; if they’re really economical, the market will tell us much sooner than the government ever could.

Like Jimbo, I am a bit concerned about disposal for these things when they crap out, although I haven’t had any fail yet.  Fortunately, my city councilman has been agitating for periodic local hazardous disposal days, with the city setting up temporary sites in each council district.  CFLs may be just the hammer he needs to get the rest of the council off their dead butts and make this happen.  Thanks for the reminder, Jimbo!


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