Death and Taxes might get worse…

you may already be an organ donor. Over my dead body, indeed.

On further consideration, I see how this fits nicely into the ever evolving OKKare program:  there’s bound to be a zillion poxy third-world kleptocrats and Middle Eastern oil ticks who’ll pay top dollar for nice fresh American transplant organs.  But don’t worry, YOU’RE NOT DEAD YET.


Remember: "mostly dead is partly alive. If he was all dead there’s only one thing to do…go through his pockets for loose change." I think that’s called the Estate Tax.

Tip from the Instapundit.

Update (8 September).  Lots of otherwise sensible folks are going wobbly on this.   (But Instapundit does have another good Monty Python clip.) Guys, Cass Sunstein is just a symptom; the government grab of healthcare and your rights is the problem.  Deep-six ObamaKennedyKare first, Sunstein later.

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