Beat you punks!

This is just great.  The UTSA Chief of Police revolving door has replaced a sexual harasser with a cranky old man: "Those damn skateboarders are ruining the sidewalk!"

Or in Paisano duckspeak

Interim Chief of Police Daniel Pena had similar sentiments.

“Skateboarders riding on crowded sidewalks, walkways and in parking lots, create a hazard from the standpoint of other pedestrians who are
walking and may be hit by a fast moving skateboarder,” Pena said.

Pena went on to say that skateboarders frequently engage in stunt
riding that can cause significant damage to university property.

Apparently Chief Pena has never been slammed by a skater or a bicyclist. 

UTSA Student Government is trying to get the regulation changed.  Maybe if we all promised to wear protective gear…

And then there’s the Silver Lining aspect:  if a skateboarder does injure himself, maybe Cass Sunstein and friends can cut him up for parts.  After all, most cranky old people think sk8rs are brain-dead anyway.

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