Cheapening the brand

Teddy Roosevelt had to mediate an end to the Russo-Japanese War.  Norman Borlaug had to save a quarter of a billion people from famine.  Even Al Gore had to make a movie.  Barack Obama just had to show up. "Mr. Obama took office less than 10 days before the Feb. 1 deadline for Nobel Prize nominations."

Where’s MY Nobel Prize?

Update (9 October).  The London Times isn’t impressed, either.

Update (10 October).  That’s it, I’ve had it with our congressional leadership.  This prize is nothing but a gigantic public bribe from the Eurocrats to Obama, and everyone in Congress thinks it’s a good thing, including that doddering old crapweasel, John McCain.  Is there anyone in office any more who isn’t on the take?

Instapundit points to an interview with Richard Feynman, who wasn’t too impressed with prizes.


Update (11 October).  John Bolton, everyone’s favorite neoCon (love him or hate him) almost gets it:

There is, of course, nothing wrong with encouraging hope and the
possibility of future success. But it is otherworldly and in fact
dangerous in national security matters to confuse emotions with
reality. In fact, however, these vacuous aspirational justifications
for giving the Nobel to Obama simply obscure the real ideological
motivation behind the award: the Norwegian committee is promoting a
cause, its cause. They seek to promote and encourage a particular kind
of American, one who finds favor with European Leftists, who constantly
ask, paraphrasing Rex Harrison’s musical query in "My Fair Lady": "why can’t Americans . . . be more like us?"

But even Bolton shies away from the idea that this was an aspirational award, given because Obama has the potential to be what the Eurocrats want him to be.  So far, no has mentioned how corrosive this sort of recognition can be.  It divorces reward from accomplishment; instead it awards intentions and attitudes, in other words, posing.  Perhaps I can convince my department chair and Dean that since my students have every intention of doing well in my courses, I can just give them A’s now, and dispense with the rest of the semester.  That way all of the biologists can get into med school and start delivering ObamaCare that much sooner.

Screw Obama.  He lost me forever when he accepted the prize; he’s a mendacious loser.  What insults me is that five Eurotrash Norwegians not only gave a public bribe to the President, but managed to trash the whole idea of recognition for achievement at the same time.  I hope their society is overrun by brutal foreigners, their young people desert them for freer climes, their polity and economy collapse, and that they and their offspring finish out their days in poverty and despair.   

Update (17 November).  Leave it to a taqueria to get the last word in:

Tip from Jay Nordlinger at NRO.


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