Don’t pi$$ on my leg and tell me it’s raining

this is not a pipe

this is not a terrorist

Victor Davis Hanson lays out the disconnect between what we saw at Ft Hood and what we’re being told:

At some point, if both these organized plots (see the most recent in
Boston) and isolated acts of lone gunmen and homicidal drivers
continue, and if the prevailing theme continues to be fears of American
intolerance and unfairness to Muslims after 9/11, I think the public
will resent the disconnect between what they are told to think and what
they believe, on the basis of some evidence.

Update (9 November).  Iowahawk writes the appropriate headlines for the major media outlets.  Of course, he saves the best for last.

Update (11 November).  Armed Liberal talks the most sense of anyone I’ve read yet.


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