We’ve been scammed by a bunch of snivelers

Gary Jones calls them out:

When the scandal first broke I though ho hum, nothing will
come of this. It will be ignored and papered over in the blind rush to
our current version of the mass psychoses that devastated the twentieth
century – world war, communism, socialism etc. It was our new drunken
frenzy from which we would eventually wake up with a hangover and
shame. I expected climate deals to be made though they were merely
Kabuki, just as I expected that the US would soon have socialized
medicine though it would undermine health and well being.

Not. This is disquieting, uncomfortable. Even our monsters are
now incompetent and unsteady. They break down in tears when resisted
leaving us in the unaccustomed role of feeling like brutes for making
them cry. There’s no crying in armageddon, we complain. You lot are
supposed to be reliably vile and invulnerable if not omnipotent. What a


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