Get a life, Mike!

Real Men have a sense of humor, especially about themselves.  Here’s a bad example:  Duke University’s Blue Devils coach Mike Krzyzewski had his widdle feelings hurt after the Indianapolis Star ran this picture:

Exemplifying the stereotypical humorless uptight legalistic organizational-man that he is, he issued a disapproving statement to the press and demanded an apology.  Worse yet, those dickless wonders running the Indianapolis Star caved in to him.

A Real Man would have made a bucket of lemonade out of this lemon.  Can you imagine how fired up the Blue Devils would be if the team, the entire coaching staff, including Coach Mike, and several thousand fans showed up to the game in this devilish makeup?  Dude, opportunity knocks only once, but you, Coach, were too busy looking in the mirror to answer the door.


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