It’s official, we have a superabundance of lawyers…

…who are totally clueless.  Otherwise, how could someone spend so much effort on something this stupid?

Tip from the Geek Press.

Update (23 June).  The National Pork Board goes on record to reassure us they know unicorns don’t really exist. "Yes, it’s funny. But if you don’t respond, you are opening your
trademark up to challenges."  Meanwhile, the ‘apologetic’ pranksters continue to mine comic gold:

"We certainly offered our apologies," Scott Kauffman, President and CEO
of Geeknet Inc., the parent company of ThinkGeek, told the Associated
Press. "It was not our intention to confuse the public as to the
attributes and qualities of the two meats."

In a public apology
this week, ThinkGeek said its nonexistent canned unicorn meat is
sparkly, a bit red and not approved by any government entity.

Hey, Pork Boy!  Throw me another straight line!

Update (24 June).  After the Instapundit picked this up, I was prompted to check out the National Pork Board* website–these guys have a statement of ethical principles!  After reading it, I was prompted to drop them a note:

Do you guys read your own website, or is it just propaganda for the rubes?  Down at the bottom of your "Ethical Principles" page it says

Pork Producers:

   1. Recognize that being welcomed and appreciated by the community is a privilege that must be earned and maintained.
   2. Acknowledge that our practices can affect the trust a community has in pork production and our operations.

So naturally this leads to NPB lawyers sending a 12-page cease-and-desist letter to ThinkGeek about their April Fool’s day unicorn meat prank–"the NEW white meat".  This conjures up a picture of thick-necked bully boys in cheap suits brainstorming ways to screw the Board with inflated billing hours while exposing you to even more ridicule.  And I suppose that indirectly, the lawyers’ bill will show up in the price of everyone’s bacon.  All this seems a bit…piggy.

Why not drop them a line?  I’m sure they’d love to know that someone out there cares.

* Does this sound like an umbrella business lobby created especially to batten on the folly of the Obama administration?  Or am I being harsh?

ANOTHER Update (24 June).  The irrepressible James Taranto points us to this "Bits" article from the New York Times.  Big Pig is looking dumber and dumber.


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