Ain’t nobody here but us chickens…

FOUR HUNDRED lefty journalists participate in a private listserv that just happens to advance their political agenda, and it’s NOT a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy?  Of course not, ’cause Walter Shaprio sez it ain’t:

JournoList was a private bull session which brought together
left-of-center think tankers, government-oriented academics and
opinion-mongers to discuss and debate economics, health care reform,
foreign policy and the day’s headlines. As an informal conversation,
with maybe 400 participants (including me), it was about as
conspiratorial and aggressively partisan as the cafeteria chatter at the
Brookings Institution.

C’mon Wally, pull my other leg.

Tip from the Instapundit, who seems to think that sauce for the goose is just as tasty for the gander.

Update (27 June).  Gary Jones wasn’t too impressed with Wally’s sad story, either.  Unlike Wally, Gary’s writing has REAL beef in it.

Update (28 June).  As usual, Wretchard weighs in with an insightful summary and recommendation

The real challenge before the 21st century press is not to create
private spaces in which to craft public facts but to create ways through
which public facts may be privately confirmed.   The world needs fewer
secret clubs and more ways for ordinary people to verify things for
themselves. The Internet has accustomed millions to the possibility of
unintermediated knowledge, raised the expectation that it shouldn’t
require a privileged point of view for a fact to be believed. People are
beginning to demand this. The power of open source knowledge (and of
the scientific method for that matter) is that anybody can confirm the
essentials of the claim for himself.

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