Meet philospher David Stove

Will Briggs recommends the works of the late philosopher David Stove.   Philospher James Franklin delights in discussing one of Stove’s works:

It is therefore no answer to Stove’s attack on Darwinism to sermonise, as Blackburn does, about how disgraceful it is for philosophers to delve in matters that do not concern them. Marxists, or Freudians, or astrologers, or phrenologists are not allowed to ‘answer’ philosophers’ doubts about the relation of their theories to the evidence by saying, ‘Trust me, I’m a doctor’. Evolutionists have no such rights either.

Check it out.


2 thoughts on “Meet philospher David Stove”

  1. Everything that exists is not necessarily a good truth. But, on balance, its obvious that many more than thousands of hereditary blue eyed families each independently originated it. Stats & research & math, made by hysteria of hyper-imitation researchers, are & can be crooked.

  2. Take from this heredity blue-eyed boy, evangelists, swamis, gurus, and crystal-gazers can be pretty crooked, too. But it’s not a defining characteristic.

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