Turning over a new Leaf?

Folks buying the upcoming Nissan Leaf are in the $125,000+ income group.  For that kind of dough, they could’ve had a V-8!

Tip from the Instapundit.


4 thoughts on “Turning over a new Leaf?”

  1. Well, you can easily get to say: Keep it, it’s yours. & GTFO , get the fexpletive out. But really, I only practice & compose, being actual theory – Up Beat Rhythm Structure. In cars, Transverse-Mid’s the only way to go. It don’t matter how many bangers it’s got. 16, 12, 8, or 4.

  2. Any motor being not Transverse-Mid_the_drive_train_ has got to re-direct the power/force made by the motor: around a 90 degree corner to an entirely difffrent direction. Thats not the maximum efficiency, & when you can determine the math factual basis you will discern that all > total vehicle torque comprehensive conditions < are reductive inefficiency.

  3. But you know that my previous statement is not always exactly true as per All nonTransverse-Mid being a comprehensive reductive inefficiency. Its a matter of what mind & mentality is doing the hard tech design proof. Take the ’72 Dino V-6 Rear Motor. Its’ total stability float continues unsurpassed, & it’s not Transverse. However the hotting up of electrical can be studied. And. Do not use gearing & downshifting to slow the vehicle. You only got the brakes to do that: & anything other is Disco Sucks.

  4. When a statistician makes a falsified mathematical representation – we are taken around a corner by an illicit scientific act: & it may be a group racketeering wayward crime in math-science. Who are we riding_with? Riding White Magic on PBR bucking bulls could be an easier ride – So Get Happy

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