Just hang on to what you’ve got


4 thoughts on “Just hang on to what you’ve got”

  1. I really like Health Food. That’s why I go to the pizza place. & in truth I actually do have 10 toothaches. I used to finger my leatherman pliers @ 1:00 a.m. . I am stoic. Sort of. Silence looks @ earth life nature. ~

  2. Those who study are studying a part false/part true, in all study fields. The Stoics observed the face of Hysteria Crime. Are all crimes hysteria crimes?

  3. You can ask a real life Stoic Greco-Roman- Latin person today in America, just before he goes out to work : Hey ! Didja ever hear a little dairy cow calf Loud Burp?

  4. Actually the link does bring to mind the matter of Indo- European linguistic theory, & etymology. We gave the word angel to the Stoics: an = not, negation; + jal, which has 2 meanings, 1. go, walk away, & 2. dull, void, alone. Thus the Stoics accepted Truth from us that true wife & mother says to her husband & children: Forever, do not go.

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