The Evolution of Data

Check out this timeline from the Wolfram Data Summit.  Where’s it going?  Stephen Wolfram has some big ideas.

4 thoughts on “The Evolution of Data”

  1. I am not defined as a wayward student, but instead, to be the accomplished proponent of insomniacal practice, 9th thru 12th making definitions under the hum of the day as it were.

  2. I was surprised @ my own ignorance re: the definitions of The Big 3 E’s; Energy, Entropy, & Evolution. Energy being a power, projection; I mistakenly thought that Entropy meant an antonym of energy, as a decline from the energetic state under gravity. Then I discovered the actual meaning: transformation.

  3. But, I admit that I did teach my own Algebra 2 class for couple of days when the teacher had to go away, when I was in 12th grade. I did not take my math studies much further, but I CAN GUESS that Statistical Thermodynamics could be a real cool bicycle to operate.

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