It’s worse than I thought

The Responsible Greenies have taken down the 10:10 video, but Simon Jester still has a copy.  I think the ending says everything there is to say about True Believers.

Tip from The Instapundit.
Update (3 October):  Iowahawk imagines the development of this video.

Update (5 October):  We’re sorry we got caught:

In a statement, 10:10 said that it sincerely apologised to anyone who was offended by the promotion and only intended to bring this “critical issue back into the headlines, whilst making people laugh”.
The 10:10 UK director, Eugenie Harvey, said: “As you may have heard, last week, 10:10 made a mistake by releasing a short film about cutting carbon which was supposed to be humorous, but, in the event, upset a lot of people. We quickly realised that we had made a serious mistake and took it down from our website within hours.

Sony certainly wasn’t amused.  Interesting that they’re only apologizing to those who were offended and covering it up with an explanation of their good intentions.  Bullshit.  The essence of good art is that the work speaks for itself.  The “No Pressure” video certainly did that; it said loud and clear that the Greenies are, at heart, murderous totalitarians who think killing off the uncooperative–let alone the opposition–is just good for a laugh.  Message Heard And Understood.

Update (6 October) Gary Jones wasn’t impressed, eitherNeither was James Taranto at the WSJ.  Lots of distancing and apologies at Climate Progress, with lots of us-vs-them rhetoric–and conspiracy theories–in the comments, “I think that message is complex and unsettling.”  Who thinks Conform or Die is a complex message?


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