Ammunition in the War Against Clutter

My department’s PhD Treehouse (where my cubicle resides) was recarpeted week before last, so we had to pack all our junk into book carts so it could be removed to the hallways while the carpet installers worked their magic.  I took the opportunity to de-junk my cube, significantly reducing the books, knicknacks, and out-of-date papers in my files.  Better yet, as I “un-removed” my junk back to the cube, I found even more stuff to dispose of.  The cube now almost Japanese in its neatness.

HOWEVER, I now learn that I have been Lacking in Criteria for Decluttering; here are some thoughts from the Mistress of Neat.  These will form my checklist during future Five Drills (from Heloise, do 5 things or work 5 minutes).

Tip from Boing Boing.


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