More tax dollars down a rathole

San Antonio is joining the ranks of hipster bike-friendly cities by unveiling our new Bike Sharing Posts, opening for business in January.  For a mere $1 million in Federal funds, there will be 140 bikes available for tooling around downtown.  Locals can get an annual subscription for $60.

Arithmetic time!  140 bikes at $1 million, gives $7142.86 per bike.  Divide that by $60, and each bike needs 120 subscribers to put it in the black.  140 bikes by 120 subscribers gives 16,800 subscriptions.  Either someone has seriously overestimated the number of brain-dead hipsters who will be cycling downtown in the summer sun, or the city expects these bikes to last a l-o-o-n-g time.  What the hell, it’s not their money they spent.

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