Wow! An instant solution to the National Debt Problem!

Some thumbsuckers in Congress have proposed we solve the Debt Crisis with innovations like a tax on soft drinks.

One of the Rivlin-Domenici proposals is “an excise tax on the manufacture and importation of beverages sweetened with sugar or high-fructose corn syrup.” Others are cutting farm payments and tinkering with Social Security.

OK, geniuses, it’s arithmetic time. Americans ARE big time soda drinkers, consuming 216 liters per capita each year, and there are about 310,728,000 of us, so that is a lot of soda.  If it was all distributed in the standard 20 ounce bottles we see in stores, it would amount to some 110,743,459,200 bottles of pop. That’s a lot! However, with a national debt of approximately $13.8 trillion (lookit all those zeroes: $13,800,000,000,000 ), we would need to tax soda at the rate of $12.46 per bottle to pay the debt off in 10 years. Assuming, of course, that these same thumbsuckers didn’t run up more debt in the meantime. I know I’d sure be happy to put $13.75 into a vending machine to get a nice cold Pepsi.

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