I see the Greenies have found God…

…and apparently His plan is to make the ANWR into a national monument

More than 80 members of Congress, 170 scientists, some 300 businesses and organizations and 22 religious organizations have signed letters to the president.

“Protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a moral issue. As people of faith, we not only have a commitment to care for creation, but our faith also tells us to protect God’s sacred spaces,” the letter from religious leaders says.

Aren’t these “religious leaders” hanging with the same bunch of rat bastards that keeps telling us there is no God, we all evolved from hydrocarbons that magically self-organized five billion years ago next Tuesday, in a universe that just **poof** happened? And now they need GOD to tell Congress what to do?  F ’em, and the chicken manure-powered VW they rode in on.


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