Bristol is getting to be a class act

Lots of hand-wringing and snark after Kathy Griffin took a shot at Bristol Palin; grown folks who ought to know better saying things like “…the second Bristol joined a reality TV show, she took herself out of the off limits category.”  Yeah, like you a$$holes really tore into Florence Henderson, didn’t you?

My only observation is that cheap-shot Kathy Griffin, like Keith Olbermann, is cementing herself to the D-List while elevating Bristol to the C- or B-List.  Meanwhile, Bristol politely admonishes her latest booster, Margaret Cho, to do better research.   A few more critics like these, and Bristol will get cast for the female lead in the next Avatar sequel!

Tip from the Daily Caller.

Update (7 December). Palin Derangement Syndrome (Bristol version) continues, with letters to the FCC, an organization that definitely needs to be zeroed out of the federal budget.


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