Farookin’ oatmeal

Having no other worthy targets, NY Times foodie Mark Bittman blows the lid off McDonald’s oatmeal.  Over 900 people with nothing better to do chime in with recipes, denuciations (of McDonald’s, Bittman, oatmeal, and each other), and the inevitable snob line “I only eat steel-cut oatmeal.”

Give me a farookin’ break.  It’s a goddamn bowl of gruel.  Hot, tasty, quick, cheap.  Leave it alone.

For you dimwits who actually buy a bowl of oatmeal at McDonald’s:

  • lotteries are a tax on people too stupid to learn probability
  • fast food is overpriced stuff made from cheap ingredients sold to people too lazy or too stupid to cook

You know who you are.

Tip from Boing Boing. (Weird ingredients.  Get over yourselves.)


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