Simpson’s Paradox bites Paul Krugman on the ass

Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman makes an undergrad mistake in educational statistics, and Iowahawk takes time out from redneck hotrodding to call him on it, with deadly effect.

Best line ever in a statistics post:  “Mr. Krugman (please note – I don’t call anyone “Doctor” unless they can write me a prescription for drugs) doesn’t mention where he gets his dropout statistic from. I suspect a database somewhere in his lower intestine.”

Note to Krugman:  search for Simpson’s Paradox on Wikipedia.

Update (6 March).  Iowahawk answers his critics, many of whom think Appeal to Authority is epistemologically superior to Run the Friggin’ Numbers.  Hey, science is tough, especially for educated idiots who don’t even know what it is.

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