Happy farookin’ Tax Day

The latest in Drudge fu:

Gee, I wonder how much overlap there is between these two groups.  Freeloading bastards.

Update (19 April). Michael Walsh, writing in the New York Post, gets behind my idea of the Non-Alternative Minimum Tax:

One way to get a grip — unemotionally, intellectually — on the problem doesn’t even involve spending. According to IRS figures, nearly half of filers pay no income tax at all, while the top 5 percent pay nearly 60 percent of the total income-tax burden. This must stop. It is not healthy for our democracy to have half the population with its hand out and no skin in the game. Necessary and proper taxes ought to be the patriotic duty of every citizen.

I recommend at $100 minimum. Most folks could raise this at a pawn shop if push came to shove.

Tip from the Corner.  Worth checking out just for the Li’l Abner clip.

Update (20 April). David Harsanyi gets on board for the Non-Alternative Minimum Tax.


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