Just tatoo “Redneck LOSER” on your forehead…

…it would be a lot cheaper than Confederate license plates.

But what the heck, we’re catering to every other gang of perverts, layabouts, and degenerates in society, so why not let these hapless mooks self-identify?

Update (10 May).  The affliction isn’t confined to pseudo-conservative Jacksonians!  The Guardian has a series of essays (inadvertently) explaining why the term public intellectual merits the forehead tattoo “Shill for the State.”   Here’s the money quote from philospher Alain de Botton: “Most of the really influential public intellectuals are now employed by the state and we’ve never heard of them. They don’t generally have a public profile, but they have a public impact…”  [Yeah, wouldn’t want the general citizenry to flock together and decide their own futures out in public, now, would we?]   Tip from American Digest.

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