Weekly geekery

Back from a hectic JSM in Miami, so back with the odd items.


Recipes from Miami

  • mango mojito (but mulling is for rubes–juice a lime per drink and chop a mint leaf–shake with cube ice in a cocktail shaker)
  • steamed yuca (had this at Nikki’s in Little Havana–mmm, good)

  • fie on your panini, I’m holding out for a medianoche (Mexicanos are peppery, Cubanos are cheesy)
  • coffee flan (this was topped with coffee ice cream at the trendy Yuca bistro on Lincoln Avenue)
  • pineapple popsicles (found this one in Southwest Airline’s inflight magazine–they added cilantro!, but I like ’em with fresh mint)

One thought on “Weekly geekery”

  1. Philosophers can only eat if they have a fork in each hand, which leaves a bit of time talking over drink…but here I see you have popsicles, medianoche…what are the corresponding (model (cough)) rules for statisticians? The Annenberg trust and UCSC videos have them picking 800 measures (see that media portrayal of terrorists bit) which seems like an unlikely work of natural data optimization; maybe it’s you can take a bite as long as the hand needed has 2 significantly correlated populations formed in R?

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