Treat him ugly? How about tar and feathers?

Four days into his announced candidacy, and our rather rough-hewn Aggie governor is already ruffling feathers by suggesting that “Texans might want to treat the Republican economist ‘pretty ugly’ if he ‘prints more money between now and the election.’”  And of course, the usual band of thumbsuckers from President Obama to this Emory University professor who can’t maintain his own web page are admonishing Perry to “tone down his rhetoric.”

Tone it down?  Under the weaselly banner Quantitative Easing, Bernanke and the Fed have been debasing the dollar while President Zero and his spendthrift Congress were maxing out our national credit line.  So now we have gas at $3.60 a gallon, dollar Hersey bars, 60¢ for a freakin’ donut, and $3 for a G*ddamned comic book!  Treat him ugly?  Given half a chance, I’d unleash a twenty-year gunnysack* on the stupid sumbitch and kick his ass from the Alamo (Davy Crockett’s digs) to the San Fernando Cathedral (Santa Anna’s HQ) and back.

Let’s hope Rick Perry continues to let slip the occasional “unpresidential” remark so he can solidify his standing with his fellow pissed-off-Americans.

* “gunnysack” may not be perfect term, since it connotes something inappropriate.  Getting even with white collar thieves is NOT inappropriate.

Update (17 August).  Wrong-o, Barack-O.  The buck shrinks with you.


One thought on “Treat him ugly? How about tar and feathers?”

  1. You’re blaming JFK for LBJ’s war, only more so. Not just that Barack talks like a propaganda reel, (recovering some in the middle of the SoTU, I think) but rather like yeah, how did he even look like he had some piss and appointees in his cannon after Bush’s Raid for Fear on accountability? Gunnysack y’r own letters’ deaf peal on Bernake if y’ like. We both forgot to get him booked buying and holding on a hunting trip when ‘t was handy.

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