Terrorizing ourselves

“The disappearance of a sense of responsibility is the most far-reaching consequence of submission to authority.”  Read Lynne Kiesling’s take on the legacy of 9/11:  “Be indomitable. Refuse to be terrorized.”

Update (10 September).  Richard Fernandez thinks we should go on the offense: “We have no right to forgive. We have no right to forget.”  Michelle Malkin spells it out for the more obtuse.

Mark Steyn isn’t amused, either:

One reason why there’s so little room at Ground Zero is because it’s still a building site. As I write in my new book, 9/11 was something America’s enemies did to us; the ten-year hole is something we did to ourselves — and in its way, the interminable bureaucratic sloth is surely as eloquent as anything Nanny Bloomberg will say in his remarks.

One thought on “Terrorizing ourselves

  1. Yes, personally I lost depreciating two disgusting 87-story office buildings full of Insurance people, 3 floors of awesome public spaces that made NYC look and feel pretty without fancy photo work, five planes, faith in most $500 suits’ flight capabilities, faith in 4 badasses per arbitrary commercial passenger flight, the whole Pentagon, and initiative launching heavy, rangey RPGs at jet elevators in midtown. I really need to work on that.

    Lynne Kiesling’s article reads in part: Refuse to be dominated, refuse to dominate. Be Indomitable. (There’s Criticism about TSA cruft, and legislation which passes for being terrorized, which Michelle Malkin and co. on their blog throw a big ball of FAIL at.) For my own flamebait, I’ll say that everyone who’s second-guessing the (e.g.) USA’s decisions to have a secular state deserves the strife. They’re a package. Pretend we’re people instead of Each Others’ Leviticus for a moment.

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