9-11 Memorials

I’m ducking most of them.  Ten years on, that dreadful day is still burned in my memory, the greatest shock since the assassination of President Kennedy.  We owe a lifetime of thanks for the lost heroes of that day, a lifetime of tears for the victims, and a lifetime of burning hatred for the perverted culture that attacked us.  We also owe it to ourselves to start dismantling the Police State that too many “leaders”–right AND left–eagerly erected in the days after September 11.  Because those bastards, in the legislatures and on the street, are doing exactly what the terrorists wanted them to do, destroying our culture and our polity.

Update (11 September). Randy Barnett called bullshit on the Police State back in the day:

Rather than provide for training and encouraging persons to be able to defend themselves — and to exercise their training responsibly — powerful lobbying groups have and will continue to advocate passivity and disarmament. The vociferous anti-self-defense, anti-gun crusaders of the past decades will not give up now. Instead they will shift our focus to restrictions on American liberties that will be ineffective against future attacks. Friday on Fox, Democratic Minority Leader Dick Gephart was asked whether additional means we have previously eschewed should be employed to capture and combat foreign terrorists. His reply was appalling. Now was the time, he replied, to consider adopting a national identity card and that we would have to consider how much information such “smart” cards would contain.

Deine papieren, bitte?


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