Really? “Schweddy Balls” ice cream? Really?

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is working furiously at exposing themselves as a gang of culturally tone-deaf jerks:

Schweddy Balls ice cream is an homage to a 13-year-old “Saturday Night Live” skit featuring Alec Baldwin as bakery owner Pete Schweddy, whose unique holiday offerings included a delicacy called Schweddy balls.

The company’s not worried about offending people with the name, said spokesman Sean Greenwood.

“Ice cream is closer to a fashion brand than a package good,” said Adamson, a managing director of Landor Associates, in New York. The flavor’s name will generate conversation and “getting word of mouth, getting buzz, getting interest, excitement is really important.”

Yeah, because nothing helps branding like having a carton of ice cream in the freezer whose name you’re embarrassed to explain to your 6-year-old kids.

Is this it?  Is this the kind of edgy, nuanced, transgressive “humor” we’re being exposed to by the same people who scold us for our carbon footprints?  This kind of juvenile outhouse humor is so old it has whiskers; it was half a century ago when we pre-teens were calling hotels and airports asking someone to page Ben Dover, and some other fellow named Jack…  But NOW.  Now it’s excitement, putting this sniggering crudity in the freezer case of the local supermarket.   All done by people who call my part of the world “flyover country.”  Just keep flying, you schmucks.

2 thoughts on “Really? “Schweddy Balls” ice cream? Really?

  1. I could explain it to 6-year-olds fine. I regret to say the nearest-neighbor one’s mom (NNOM) likes SNL and I do not have a ready second to The Daily Show until Amy Goodman gets a comedy sidekick. Low humor; the ready stuff upon which better cultural referents are t-boned.

  2. This is partly a problem of venue. Do your explanations in a first-grade class and it’s called sex ed; do it in a city park and it’s solicitation of a minor. Low humor has its place; I’m just not sure it’s in the freezer case at my local HEB.

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