Roadrunners bounce back

After two disappointing losses, the UTSA Roadrunners bounced back with an overwhelming victory over the Bacone Warriors, 54-7.  Better yet, they unveiled yet another creative tactic to prevent fans from rushing the field after the game: run the score up so high that most folks left during the third quarter.

For those of us who stuck around, there were plenty of thrills and spills, mostly provided by the UTSA defense, who apparently have been subsisting on raw meat and galvanized nails for the past week.    #44 Steven Kurfehs’ interception and touchdown run was my favorite, since I saw him running straight at me, from pick to TD.

Special teams was getting it together, too, with a blocked punt and some amazing kicking.   Kicker Sean Ianno nailed every kick, and put more points on the board that the entire Bacone offense.

Coach Coker made sure UTSA’s second string got plenty roughed up in the second half; Bacone took what small advantage that afforded them to avoid a shutout with a great pass-and-TD combo.


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