Full employment for data miners?

This doofus seems to think that OWS sympathizers can strike a blow against Corporate Greed by filling bank card postage reply envelopes with leaflets and ballast and posting them back to the bank.  Said doofus thinks the Evil Bank People will have their feet nailed to the floor when confronted by a tsunami of People’s Jujitsu Junk Mail; apparently Doofus missed Ricardo’s Law of Comparative Advantage while napping in Economics 101.

Once the Junk Mail Tsunami eventuates, the Marketing Department at EvilBancCorp will certainly be motivated to reduce mailing and handling costs; but they won’t spend too much time on it.  Instead, they’ll send a pantload of the junky return mail to their favorite data-mining contractor, with a request to tweak the mailing list generator to exclude assholes who reply with trash non-productive customer leads.  Data miners will find the 5 or 6 demographic variables identifying OWS-wannabes, and drop these bad prospects from their mailing lists.

Results:  Banks lose the Junk Mail Tsunami and  improve their marketing ROE; data miners bank some sweet fees and add Anus Detection to their marketing repertoire; and fledgling OWS monkeywrenchers have to fall back on putting their trash in the recycling bin, rather than the mailbox.

Tip from the Instapundit.


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