Blowin’ in the wind

The cheap veneer seems to be gradually peeling off the whole wind energy enterprise.    The Dutch are finding it to be financially demandingCalifornians in the Tehatchipi area are incensed at the idea,  The Duke of Edinburgh calls them a disgrace, and over 14,000 windmills have been flat abandoned here in the US.

In spite of all the spin from insiders on the take, wind power was a big bust during last summer’s Texas heat wave. Unfortunately for me and my neighbors, San Antonio CPS Energy remains hell-bent on selling wind power, and they’ve enlisted a claque of corporate and municipal cheerleaders to browbeat us into “choosing” to pay more for household energy.  With CPS on track to commit 20% of its power generation to renewable energy, I fear continuing hikes in residential electric bills as the subsidies run out for this stuff.

Tip from Future Pundit.

Update (26 November).  More folks are blowing the whistle on renewable energy subsidies.


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