There’s a sucker born every minute…

…and apparently, the Crown Hospitality Group thinks most of them are born and raised in New York City.

Got a corporate Amex? The $66 one-man ribeye is the priciest I’ve seen in New York; it involves a little bit of mineral-tinged meat and a lot of fat. You will leave hungry. And I’ve yet to find a costlier porterhouse for two than Bill’s $125 offering. The beef, purportedly USDA Prime, is slathered with a mound of whipped horseradish lardo tasting of neither ingredient and as bland as if it had come from the neighborhood supermarket.

OK, so I admit to having primarily blue collar tastes*, but a $66 ribeye steak seems to be a little much.  Unless of course, you’re dining on the taxpayers’ or shareholders’ dime.  Then you’re not a sucker, you’re a crook.

Tip from Andrew Stuttaford at the Corner.

* I’d never heard of lardo (except as a politically incorrect perjorative), but now I want to check it out, and pretend, if only for a moment, that I’m a One Percenter.

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