Obamito Goes to Washington?

Rumor has it that San Antonio Mayor and Democrat Latino Heartthrob Julian Castro is being considered to become the next Secretary for Housing and Urban Development.  Naturally, there’s already speculation in the Alamo City corridors of power about who will replace Little Obama when he leaves.

Aren't I a clever boy?

Or is really leaving?  The Internet has made opposition research cheap and easy, so Castro’s financial ties and lackadasical management of federal funds have already been exposed beneath the nearest rock.  Who knows what another week may bring?

Check out the mugging when Spurs Coach Greg Popovich had lunch with Castro, Henry Cisneros, and Bill Clinton.  A perfect opportunity for the older heads to give some good advice: “Keep your eye on the ball” and “Don’t let your little head do the thinking for your big head.”

Update: It’s semi-official. If the comments are any indication, there will be many a dry eye when he leaves.


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