Christian Humor

Contrary to what the mainstream media and campus secularists might have you believe, thoughtful Christians have a well-developed sense of humor.

  • Exhibit A:  the Babylon Bee, which has a special place in its heart for Joel Osteen
  • Exhibit B:  the  only Lutheran joke I know — A woman of fundamentalist persuasion was traveling, and visited a Lutheran church one Sunday morning.   The pastor launched into a particularly rousing sermon, and the woman was moved to respond to each new insight with cries of “Hallelujah,” “Sing it, preacher,” “Amen, brother,” and “Praise the Lord!”  Members of the traditionally reserved–and silent– congregation looked askance at the woman (this is NOT Lutheran behavior!) and fidgeted in their seats, until one of the ushers approached her and whispered “Excuse me madam, but we don’t praise the Lord in our church.”

Tip on the Bee from Glenn Reynolds, who apparently reads everything new on the web at 5am, daily.


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