Today I learned some new phrases

Say what you will about mindlessly surfing the Internet, I’m always learning something in my semi-random virtual peregrinations

  • Those places aren’t sh!th*les, they’re “fecalized environments,”
  • I had no idea the urge to knock 20 pounds off my lazy ass was “healthism,” and
  • Skipping the purchase of a shooting vest kept me from becoming a “tactical hobo.”

I do have a long-standing peeve against the phrase “earth tones” when applied to clothing.  In my experience that means dirt-colored, for which the widespread remedy seems to be washing everything together in hot water, so it all comes out a dingy grey, like that Abercrombie and Fitch crap the college kids wear.  Not a good look, unless you’re a non-tactical hobo.

However, the well-dressed tactical hobo does wear earth tones.

UpdateTamara Keel sheds some light on the whole tactical hobo thing, and throws some links that lead me to the cringe-worthy term “tacticool.”  Tip from the Instapundit.

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