Captain Tom Shows Us How It’s Done

Captain Tom Moore, HMRA (retired), cooked up the idea of a 100-lap charity fundraiser to celebrate his impending 100th birthday.  100 laps around his garden, with a walker (he IS 99). His goal was £1000 for the NHS.


Word got out.  Right now he’s raised £13 million.

In a just world, Captain Tom’s birthday celebration would be treated with a drop-in visit from the Queen.

Tip from the outrageous KdT at Splendid Isolation.

UpdateCaptain Colonel Tom didn’t get a royal visit, just a birthday card.  And a call from PM Boris.  And a promotion.  And TWO flyovers.  And raised £31 million along the way.

Colonel Tom said after watching the event: ‘I am one of the few people here who has seen a hurricane fly past in anger, but today, they’re flying past in peace.’


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