College Ain’t for Everyone…

…and I’m no longer a Voice in the Wilderness saying so.  Writing in the Washington Examiner, Michael Barone says

American higher education has been in serious trouble for the past two decades. Yes, it’s true that American universities science and technology departments lead the world, and the (increasingly unscientific) social sciences and (often inhumane) humanities departments can still boast some brilliant scholars. But at some point, too much of a good thing stops being a good thing.

A dismaying number of American freshman college students never end up graduating — not after four or six or 20 years. And an even more dismaying number of non-graduates and graduates end up with daunting amounts of college loan debt, nondischargeable in bankruptcy, which reduces or prevents significant wealth accumulation. Americans today have more college debt than credit card debt.

American universities keep grinding out more Ph.D.s (and more theses no one may ever read) than they have tenure-track teaching jobs, so that an increasing number accept hourly wages as adjuncts and look forward [to] increases in the minimum wage.

Pushing students off campus will only amplify the problems; many of them can’t graduate without extensive hand-holding.empty-Harvard-library


There’s lots more where that came from. READ THE WHOLE THING.

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