Holding Steady Will Not Sustain Us

Over at American Digest, Van Der Leun gives us a “view from the trenches” that tells us how to Reopen America:

Holding Steady won’t be enough to save us. It won’t be nearly enough. To save ourselves we have to find a way to save that couple’s small restaurant. Their restaurant is one — only one — speck, one spark of a myriad. And those are the sparks, those are the embers that we must somehow tend until we can to free the flames we’ve imprisoned in our lackadaisical lockdown. Fail at that and the automobile food lines at Panda Express will not sustain us.

Holding Steady cannot sustain us. We can’t stand still like the hummingbird. Like parched sinners in search of a second life, we need to be born again in freedom. We need to pick up our dropped tools and realize the truth of the prophet: “He not busy being born is busy dying.”


Support your local indie restaurants.  If you can afford it, order takeout frequently, tip generously.  Otherwise, the future is all Wendy’s, Mickey-D’s, Panda Express, and Taco Bell, a Purgatory of Sad Food.

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