A Riverwalk Outing

I’d seen some news photos and heard rumors that the Stay at Home Directive in San Antonio had an unexpected side effect:  the San Antonio River is clearing up!  My wife and I took a a quick trip downtown to See the Elephant, and behold!


It ain’t crystal clear, but you can certainly see the junk on the bottom, and how shallow the river is (SA safety tip:  If you fall in the San Antonio River and can’t swim, just stand up.  Then go take a long hot shower.)

The Riverwalk is pretty much deserted and closed for business, with only a few stray visitors meandering around.

Casa Rio, from under the Losoya Street Bridge
looking south, under the Crockett Street Bridge

One entrepreneur from Kilwins Chocolates (I had no idea this is a national chain) was handing out flyers to passersby, and we decided to check out the fudge sale and ice cream parlor.  The store was doing a brisk business, probably the busiest of the few that were open. A bit pricey, but delicious.  And 3 generous slabs of German chocolate cake fudge for treats back home

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