By this criterion, I’m a 100% anti-genius

From today’s irrepressible Bleat, James Lileks writes

Menu was a hit. Just like restaurants! How did you do that? Shucks, t’warn’t nuthin’. Y’ jist wrangle up a menu in the Neutra Font, usin’ a consistent 40pt / 25 pt format for yer headers an’ yer items, drop in a dingbat, option-drag it to separate the types of drinks, save to JPG with a 10 quality so’s you don’t get no artifactin’, upload it to yer server there, copy the URL, go a custom QR code generat’r an’ drop in the address, then open up the QR code – she’s gonna be a PNG, so’s you’ll have to take care you don’t use PNG as the format for the file yer creatin’, then resize it a tad, drop in the header graphic from the menu, give the whole thing a 1 px stroke so’s you have some clean lines to cut, then print it out and mount it in a plastic stand.

Apply that across everything everyone else does, and you realize how many skills you don’t have.

Mind you, this is just muscle memory for me, but Chinese if you don’t do this on a regular basis, which just goes to show that what looks like Magic and Expertise to one person is, well, nuthin’ for someone else.

I’m luck to get an image into this WordPress blog lately.

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