Cyberfascism Bulletin, To and Fro Edition

Whether the State seizes Industry, or Industry seizes the State, the result is the same: fascism.

–The Random Texan

Big Gov

Big Tech

Big Ed

  • A new report from Speech First, a membership association of students, parents, faculty, alumni, and concerned citizens fighting back against toxic censorship culture on college campuses, provides insight into one of the reasons students fear speaking up: Bias Response Teams.

The Counter-Revolution

  • Federal appeals court upholds controversial Texas social media law. The new law is an attempt to discourage viewpoint discrimination by social media giants (I’m looking at you, Facebook and Google). The BlueAnons are not happy. I adore the comment “So take all the social media out of Texas…see how they like it.” Wow, depriving the state’s SmartPhoneys of their daily fix of snark, bile, and propaganda sound like good therapy to me.
  • Turns out you can change What Google Knows About You. I checked it out, and turned a whole lotta stuff OFF (or as Google says “paused.”) Best part? You can also DELETE your Google account. Remember, Google didn’t really lose their motto, “Don’t be evil.” They just changed the punctuation: “Don’t. Be evil.”


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