I teach undergraduate statistics, primarily biostatistics, at the University of Texas at San Antonio.  Most of my students take my courses under the duress of their degree plans, rather than out of love for quantitative methods.  In spite of that,  I still manage to teach them some useful skills in an enjoyable class.  Some of the high points in teaching make it to this blog.  But, there’s more.

Back in the benighted Twentieth Century, I kept notebooks and file folders filled with clippings, jotted notes, and blurry copies of things I thought might one day be useful*.  But now I have a Blog, on the Internet!  So all that useful-in-the-future stuff is save here, where I can readily find it, perhaps even with a few hints of why I found it interesting and saved it.  And, with my own weird generosity, I’m sharing it with you.

*Useful for what?  Occasionally, I find out, if only for one or two items.


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