Holding Steady Will Not Sustain Us

Over at American Digest, Van Der Leun gives us a “view from the trenches” that tells us how to Reopen America: Holding Steady won’t be enough to save us. It won’t be nearly enough. To save ourselves we have to find a way to save that couple’s small restaurant. Their restaurant is one — onlyContinue reading “Holding Steady Will Not Sustain Us”

Don’t Bunch Up!

Randal O’Toole, the Anti-Planner, points out the wrongheadedness of ever-increasing urban density, Now, we are getting another lesson. Due to a novel virus, we are told to “socially distance” ourselves. But no one is telling us to drive our cars instead of riding transit. Instead, the transit agencies are still operating and giving out platitudesContinue reading “Don’t Bunch Up!”

Make Every Vote Count

Every semester, I begin my introductory biostatistics class with a simple “show of hands” experiment based on the Bouba-Kiki effect.  Prior to the experiment I “volunteer” two students at random to count hands, and when hands are raised, each of my volunteers counts silently and independently.  Invariably, the counts DO NOT MATCH.  We briefly discussContinue reading “Make Every Vote Count”

Dust Yourself Off

Phylagen, a San Francisco biotech company, has developed a technique for tracking previous locations of objects based on the composition of dust the object has collected. In another experiment, the sampling technology allowed researchers to determine where a person had walked within 1 kilometer in San Francisco, because of the microbes picked up by theirContinue reading “Dust Yourself Off”

The Cyberfascism Bulleting #3: Spring Cleaning Edition

BIG BIZ Uh, oh. The punditry is starting to wise up. Here’s 4 Reasons Why Big Tech is Hazardous to Our Lives. Google AI Ethics Council is Falling Apart. Part artistic ethical differences, part Googloid mau-mauing. Only the truly clueless would use “Google” and “ethics” in the same sentence. Time for a ‘Third-Party Audit’ ofContinue reading “The Cyberfascism Bulleting #3: Spring Cleaning Edition”

The Cyberfascism Bulletin #2: April Fool’s Edition

I wish I was foolin’. All this stuff’s real, so the joke’s on us. BIG BIZ An oldie but goodie: Kim DuToit discovers that the Weather Channel app is selling his location data in near real time. He is not amused. Heck, I didn’t even realize that drunken online shopping was a thing. How naiveContinue reading “The Cyberfascism Bulletin #2: April Fool’s Edition”

The Cyberfascism Bulletin #1: Spring Break Edition

This is the first in a continuing series of “callouts” detailing the onslaught of the ubiquitous surveillance and behavioral influence state. Remember, whether the state seizes industry, or industry seizes the state, the result is still fascism. BIG BIZ Volvo wants to spy on you while you drive. Two thoughts immediately came to mind: (1)Continue reading “The Cyberfascism Bulletin #1: Spring Break Edition”